So, who am I and what am I doing here?

Some basic stats about me… I work-outside-the home in the entertainment industry. I’ve been married since 1998 to a wonderful and crazy-making husband (Poe). I’m mom to two special needs kids (Joseph & Logan) currently 5 & 7. I help take care of my parents who are aging – and living next door.

I have the basic, normal, very busy life that most parents have. But my kids are different. Or special. Or disabled. Or not. I’ll talk about definitions in another post. But the point is, my children are not what you would call “normal.” I’ll be introducing each of them and their own issues in later posts.

I’ve noticed that there aren’t very many blogs about the subject. What subject? What I (in my head) call Disabled Parenting. That thing we do when our kids need extra help. For whatever reason. I want this to be a place of discussion. You’ll find links to current headlines on the subject. Discussions of articles. Helpful medical tips. Helpful equipment and tools. Helpful links to others like you. This is a safe place.

I want to see comments from other parents. Obviously, be respectful. But I want to know what you think. I want to know what you know. I want to know what you need to know! Ask questions! I’ll find an answer for you. Have an IEP coming up, and you haven’t a clue what the abbreviation stands for? ASK!! If I don’t know, someone else will.

I should probably take this moment to mention… I’m not in the medical field. I’m not a teacher. I don’t work with these kids. I’m just a parent struggling every day like you. I’m learning too.

I just thought you’d like some company along the way.