How This is Going to Work

In order for this site to be a functional resource for others, I’ve devised a schedule I plan to adhere to.  It’ll take a week or so to get into the swing of things, but I’ll get there.

  • Monday:  Headlines
    • A news story on children with disabilities I find interesting with some commentary.
  • Tuesday:  Featured Blogger
    • I’d like to feature a blogger who has a child(ren) with disabilities.
    • This may turn into an interview situation.
    • If it does turn into an interview situation, it may turn into a monthly feature as I would need to “depend on the favors of friends.”
  • Wednesday:  Definitions
    • Focus on the definition of terms, tests, diagnosis etc.
  • Thursday:  Products That Help
    • Not necessarilly product reviews, as I’ll certainly be looking at products that kids can use that my children don’t need personally.
    • This will merely function as a pointer…  More of a “did you know this?” kind of thing, such as specialty beds for children with physical disabilities, learning tools for children with learning disabilities, etc.
  • Friday:  Questions and Comments
    • Got a question on that upcoming IEP?  Don’t know who to ask about your kid’s teacher?  Just what is ADHD?  I’ll do my best to find the layman’s (remember, that’s what I am) definitions to help you out.
    • Got a comment?  I’ll respond here.

Furthermore…  This is about our kids!  We’re their biggest advocates!  That’s why I’m doing this.  To hopefully give you encouragement, let you rant, rave, weep, or jump for joy, and most importantly give you tools.  We all need to keep on keeping on.  So jump in here and talk to me.  What do YOU want to know?  What do YOU want to see here?  What do YOU want talked about?