Celebrities and Their Children

Here’s an article from The Irish Independent about Colin Farrell’s feelings on having a child with disabilities.

Irish Independent

Hollywood superstar Colin Farrell yesterday opened his heart and revealed that his four-year-old son James is a special-needs child. The renowned Irish actor revealed that his treasured son was born with a rare form of cerebral palsy called Angelman Syndrome.

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So what?  Well, I’ll tell you why I think this is important.

For better or worse, celebrities get a lot of attention from both the public and the media.  For better or worse, they are in our vision.  For better or worse, they are role models.

Celebrities are in a unique position to get the word out about causes, yes.  Yes, they raise money at galas and functions yaddayaddayadda.  But when a celebrity stands up and says, “Here’s my kid.  I love him.  And this is his normal,” well…  That means that now people have seen this child.  This child has been in the media.  And now a plain old Joe Schmoe has seen this child.  And tomorrow when they go to the store, and see another child with the same disability, maybe, just maybe, his view of “normal” will be skewed enough to let the little soul in.

Celebrities have the capacity in their hands of normalizing disabilties in the public view.  Again, I’m not even talking about fundraising.  I’m talking about our kids being viewed as “normal” in society.  I’m talking about society realizing that there IS NO NORMAL.  I’m talking about our babies having less of a chance being stared at in the grocery store.  Less of a chance in being left out in school.

Less chance of hurt.

I can get behind that.

3 thoughts on “Celebrities and Their Children

  1. I am the proud Mommy of 4 young children. My youngest
    are 2 year old twins. Ava & Max were born and after
    their birth we found out that Ava had Down Syndrome.
    She has brought so much joy to so many lives.
    I started a small Business called Ava’s Twinkle Toes.
    I make customized embellished flip flops, belts and
    headbands. A portion of the money goes towards
    Ava’s cause! I have loved being able to give something back.
    We call her “Amazing Ava”!

  2. I have a 17 year old daughter with Cri-Du Chat Syndrome ( very rare ) and 3 other children , she resides at home with us and attends a public but special needs school she is something special I tell ya we call her Taz for nick name her motor runs 24/7 and I bow to her every need cause she was given to me for reasons maybe I’ll never know but I do know she’s a classy chick a Diva I tell you the twinkle in my soul I have landed a job a few yrs ago at the Arc sunrisearc that is I work with special needs adults they are simply AWSOME the love they have the treasures they hold and share evryday they bless me with a simple hug or the biggest smile ever just because your there for them youve walked in the building and they run to give a hug or are just releived to see you , how amazing we are to them ,I am theire advocate I would never leave Sunrisearc we do to much good and so do they for us, people with special needs are teachers of love patience happiness and how to remain calm in any situation they teach me something knew every single day they are our educators I could go on for hours about my clients or my special needs daughter but I wont I will just simply close with they are my heros and my daughter is my BEST friend she even crys when I cry and laughs harder when I laugh she loves to love Stacey C

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