Time Out for Everybody

This week I want to take a break from the normal routine (by the way, I’m still accepting suggestions if you know someone with a diagnosis who would enjoy a feature segment) by talking about stress.

Next week I want to present Anxiety Disorder, but stress affects us all, and as parents we know how stressful life is with a special needs child.  It is hard to escape the fact that our children are under constant strain as well.

With school in full swing now, it is high time for stress and anxiety. Better Homes and Gardens magazine published a great article in Feb. 08 “Less-Stressed Kids”. I will be sharing 10 ways to help your child (and yourself) chill out from that article starting tomorrow.

Consider this though. When my 16 year old was in 3rd grade, we found ourselves in a different school district, different state for a year. You’ll remember he has Asperger’s which, for he and his father, are marked by anxiety issues. The school he attended introduced him to a “quiet spot” on his first day of school. The “quiet spot” was located in a corner of the resource room and was sectioned off by bookshelves and had a big, comfy bean bag in the middle of the space with quiet toys and night shades (dark sunglasses) in case he needed a dark place. He was told he could go there anytime.  You know, he never used that “quiet spot” during that school year, but he would periodically check on it to make sure it was there.