3 More Ways to De-Stress Kids

#4 Brainstorm mini vacations

Ask your child, “If you had just 10 spare minutes of a day, what would you do to really relax?” Post a list of ideas such as petting the dog, e-mailing a friend, or rereading Harry Potter. When sh’e had a high-stress day at school, encourage her to take a 10-minute vacation before she does anything else.

#5 Play Games

Arinoldo, a child pssychologist and author of Essentials of Smart Parenting: Learning the Fine Art of Managing Your Children, says some video and computer games in moderation can actually help reduce stress. Word or puzzle games that require intense concentration, such as Tetris, Bookworm, Bejewled, Chuzzle, and Peggle, will engross your teen enough to put other pressures mementarily aside.

#6 Do guided imagery together

At Mini Yogis, a Los Angeles yoga studio for kids, owner Shana Meyerson leads children through an imagined sensory experience. “I say, ‘We’re walking through the park. What does the grass feel like on your feet? Can you fell the sunshine and the breeze? We’re eating ice cream now. What does it taste like?” Have your child picture someplace in nature that he loves – the beach, the mountains, a garden. Focusing on the soothing mental image will help him relax.

Everything above was taken directly from Better Homes and Gardens magazine, Feb. 2008 issue. author: Melody Warnick.