3 Additional Ways to De-Stress Kids

#7 Protect Sleep

Experts recommend nine hours of sleep a night for teens, but high school seniors average under seven. Work with your child to limit late-night studying, try to enforce an earlier bedtime, and sneak in some restorative daytime sleep.

#8 Take the bite out of tests

Teach teens some instant calm-downs to use before tests, like those used by Susa Kaiser Greenland, director of InnerKids Foundation, a California nonprofit that teaches mindfulness to schoolchildren. For instance, have kidss imagine that they’re enclosing themselves in an invisible bubble, where classmates can’t bother them. If something does distract them, tell them to pretend they’re putting the stray though into a balloon and watching it blow away.

#9 Shift Priorities

Naturally you’re thrilled when your child brings home a stellar grade on a book report. But instead of focusing on th outcome, focus on the effort by praising hard worl. The, follow up by asking such questions as, “What’s the most interesting thing you learned in class this week?” or “What do you like about the novel you’re reading now?” By making children proud of their own accomplishments and turning their attention to the joys of learning, you’ll nurture their natural desire to excel.

The above information was taken from Better Homes & Garden magazine, Feb. 2008 issue, “Less-Stressed Kids” by Melody Warnick