Monday’s Child

copy-of-dsc07612_edited-1.jpg  This is the face of Asperger’s Syndrome. My son, Tim, is a 16 yr old junior who, although he has the diagnosis, is in the National Honor Society and excels in music singing in the adult community choir with his bass voice and placing all state in the school choir. He is also a talented tuba player in the high school band. He composes his own tunes on the piano, and plinking on the piano is a sourc of relaxation for him. Although social skills came later and were more difficult for him he is well-liked by his classmates and makes friends easily. He has great compassion and enjoys a sense of humor. He wants to be an oral surgeon or a band director and is capable of becoming either. His success is due, in large part, to early diagnosis (at 3 years) and intervention (I homeschooled him in 3rd grade and in 6th grade I took him to school only for band, social skills therapy and lunch).  It is suspected that Thomas Jefferson and even Bill Gates are “aspies.” Let’s hear it for the (mainly) boys!!!