Sickness sidelines everything

I, and everyone else in my house, have been sidelined by a nasty stomach flu that has swept through the ranks toppling one at a time.

It started with my youngest, Rubenstein, then after a couple of days it went on to my other two, K-Oz and Mim, then after a couple more days if hit me – hard. I was out of commission and bedridden for one whole day then took the next two or three to try to feel better.

This sickness holds on for dear life and everyone in my house has been cranky, tired and not quite themselves.

K-Oz had to miss at least one day of his medication (due to vomiting) which meant that we had a rough day afterward.

If he doesn’t take his medication he has a lot of breakthrough tics, is highly emotional (more than normal) and is simply out-of-sorts.

I can tell he hasn’t felt great lately because his breakthrough tics get stronger and more noticeable. He’s been doing a lot of “a-hmm, a-hmm’s” the last few days and shuffling his feet on the floor. Those are some simple tics/OCD things he does quite often.

Oh well, at least our sick week happened BEFORE Christmas and not during!