Transitioning for the Special Needs Child

I have found that transitions need to be handled carefully with my son, K-Oz.

From the time he was little, he never transitioned well. Even now, at 11, we have to handle transitions carefully. He is better than he used to be, though.

Now, I have to give him timeframes and ample warning. If it’s close to bedtime, instead of saying “It’s bedtime, get your jammies, etc.” we need to tell him “Bedtime is in __ minutes. You will need to start picking up your Legos in 5 minutes.”

If we get into a hurry and start rushing, he doesn’t deal well with it. It “throws him off his game” his mood goes south and he becomes difficult to deal with.

How do you deal with this issue? I’d love to hear other strategies that work, and I’ll be sharing more of my own.