Improved sleeping

K-Oz’s tooth came out Thursday night and he slept great all night long.

Last night was a different story. He had more sleep problems – again.

I noticed that yesterday he was especially out-of-sorts. He was overly emotional and over reactive to things. He was on the verge of tears a couple of times.

So, now I’m wondering if it’s weather. Thursday was almost 70 degrees, then turned really windy and stormy. Friday the temperature dropped and dropped and dropped. Now on Saturday there are snow flurries. Weather seems to affect him – his moods and behaviors.

I let him sleep late today in the hopes that he’d catch up on sleep and be more rested. We’ll see what’s happening.

Monday we have our appointment with the new doctor in St. Louis. I’m excited, hopeful, apprehensive – a jumble of emotions about it. Not dreading it, but just ready to see what the doctor says.