A new doctor

We loaded the whole family up and headed to St. Louis, MO early Monday morning to visit with a new doctor.

Our family physician had referred us to a pediatric neurologist at Cardinal Glennon Hospital in St. Louis for K-Oz.

Hubby and I were both a bit apprehensive, wondering if we’d like this new doc.  So, we were a bit nervous when we got there.

Turns out, we really liked her. She spent time actually talking to us and answering questions.

We talked in depth about K-Oz’s Tourette’s, his OCD and his ADHD. We also discussed his sleep problems and what could be going on with that issue.

The doctor was concerned about the severity of his OCD episodes and we discussed it at length. We decided that at this point, it is manageable and we didn’t feel he needed medication to control it, but if it gets worse we might need to consider medication.

We also talked about his Tourette’s and the fact that he probably won’t outgrow it, but the tics aren’t interfering with his life.

All-in-all, we came away happy and pleasantly surprised. We now have a neurologist again! Yippee!