I think I spoke too soon. . .

K-Oz’s sleep problems were better for a couple of days, but now they’re back.

The new neurologist has referred us to have a sleep study done on him. She suspects possible sleep apnea. She also suggested taking away his radio and reading lamp and not allowing him to read in bed.

Now, I understand her point: Those are things that distract and keep him from a good night’s sleep. BUT with his OCD and possible autism-spectrum issues, I am not comfortable taking those things away.  They are part of his routine and he was very upset when heard the doc stating her recommendations.

The last time he was without the light and the radio, it ended badly (he acted out his dream and took a dive out of his bunk – head first). So, I’m not ready to take those things away.

He seems to wake up often and insist he can’t get back to sleep – sometimes he comes into our bedroom and his eyes are open, but he’s obviously not really awake.

So, I’m hoping we’ll get these sleep issues worked out soon.