Staying sane as a parent

I’ll admit it, there are some days when I don’t want to get out of bed.

Some days I just need to sigh and remind myself that “this too, shall pass.”

I’ve talked with other parents who have kids with special needs and I think we all agree: There are days when you just want to hide yourself away.

So what do I do when I have one of those “hit the wall” days?

I try to reach out to other parents who can understand what I’m dealing with.

I try to remind myself that I’m not running a short sprint, I’m in a long-term marathon – and I will get tired along the way.

I try to focus on the positives: The good days, the small victories, the simple joy I receive from my children.

I take a few minutes for myself. It could be a hot bath (ohhh, my luxury!), or an hour or two away for myself (if a family member is available to watch the kids) or simply loading up the kids for a visit to the park, an ice cream run or just a chance to get out of the house.

I have also found that keeping a journal is a great help. I write down the things I want to be reminded of on my dark days – the joyous times, the breakthroughs, the funny things that happen.

So, if you’re having one of those bad days: Take a deep breath, hug your sweet child(ren), and remember that you aren’t alone.