Speech Therapy

My son – now 11 and my youngest daughter – 7 – both have been through speech therapy (or as in the case of my daughter, still doing speech therapy).

Because we homeschool, we are able to access services at our local school. When K-Oz was going through testing for ADHD and IQ at the school, we had him evaluated for speech services.

He didn’t start talking more than a few words here and there until he was three – and then his speech was very hard to understand.

By the time he was six and seven, I knew that he wasn’t outgoing his speech problems. The evaluator agreed – he had trouble with his R sounds and his S sounds. He went through about two years of weekly speech therapy sessions at the school and now his speech is so much better.

When I listen to him, I can still hear a bit of a speech issue – but not enough to be a problem.

My daughter has not had as many speech issues, but she also has had trouble with her R sounds and S sounds – which is why I had her evaluated and she is currently taking weekly speech therapy sessions.

Whether K-Oz’s speech difficulties had anything to do with his other special needs – I have no idea. I took speech therapy as a child and my brother and father both stutter (which some experts believe is in the same family with Tourette’s).

Our experiences with speec therapy have been good and I expect my daughter to have another full school-year of therapy. We’ll see!