Tips for ADHD. . .

Since my son has ADHD and I also have attention deficit issues I am always looking for tips to help.

Here’s one – and I’m always looking for more!

Break things into single actions. Instead of a long list of instructions, it’s best to break things down into tiny bites.  I give my K-Oz one task at a time – Pick up dirty socks. Pick up Legos. Pick up shoes.

Once he’s finished the one task, I give him another. I have found that it works best if I break down everything. At bedtime, if I say “Go get your pajamas on, then brush your teeth, then take your medicine” – he’ll wander off and get nothing done.  If, instead, I say “Get your pajamas on” then wait for him to do this, I can give him the next instruction.

As a homeschooler, I have found that single tasks are best. With math worksheets, I will recopy the problems so that K-Oz will only do maybe five at a time – it’s less overwhelming than a sheet full of 30-plus math problems.

What have you found that works in your home?