Time for more meds?

When we were at our new pediatric neurologist back in March, she mentioned that we might end up considering medication for K-Oz’s OCD.

At the time, my husband and I both felt it was unnecessary to consider more medication. The doctor said she felt that – based upon our descriptions of K-Oz’s behaviors when he is having serious OCD issues – he might need to eventually take meds to better curb and control his OCD.

We had told her how last summer he had some serious OCD flare-ups that really interfered with his daily functions. By that, we meant that K-Oz had been doing some rituals: When going from one type of floor or surface to another (such as from vinyl floor to carpeting, or from grass to gravel), K-Oz would stop, then shuffle his feet on the line between floors or surfaces. He would shuffle several times before allowing himself to walk further.

He would also rub his hands several times on my arm or my sleeve before he could go past me. We adjusted to allow for these rituals and eventually they died down and went away, but would then return at other times.

The worst part was trying to get somewhere in a timely manner. Sometimes it would take him 15 minutes to get from the house into the car and vice versa.

My husband and I have been watching K-Oz, and have noticed that lately his OCD rituals seem to be picking up and making it harder for him to function. He seems to get caught in an endless loop of rituals and distractions (thanks to his ADHD) that keep him from doing what he needs to do.

So, I’m wondering if we’re going to need to consider meds to help the OCD. I hate to put him on more medication, but the OCD seems to be starting to interfere with his basic daily life.