Impulse control

I’ve noticed over the past couple of weeks that K-Oz seems to be having a lot more trouble with impulse control.

He seems to be speaking and acting out quickly and seemingly without thought. For example, tonight he repeatedly kept hitting his sister’s arm – over and over and over again. Even after he was told to stop – several times.

It’s as though an impulse takes over and he can’t – or won’t – control it.

Last week his youngest sister said something that immediately caused him to lose his temper. He quickly reached out and pinched her arm while yelling at her. This might seem like typical siblings bickering – but it’s not. We’ve learned to recognize the difference and understand when it is something more.

This has escalated over the past couple of weeks: Suddenly throwing something, grabbing something, hitting, yelling.

My husband and I discussed the issue this evening, and we decided that it would be best to call our pediatric neurologist to try to schedule his next appointment for an earlier date. He is scheduled to return in August, but we are thinking that if an earlier appointment is available it might be a good thing.