Asperger’s Syndrome

A cyber friend of mine, Heather K. Adams, wrote an article about her early signs of Asperger’s Syndrome. This was written from her experience with her son, Sam. You can read her article, Asperger’s Syndrome: Early Warning Signs, here.

As I read it, it strengthened my belief that my own son, K-Oz may have undiagnosed Asperger’s. We have spoken with our pediatric neurologist about it, but she said that although she agreed with our assessment (that he does have some form of autism spectrum disorder) that going through the tests required for a diagnosis would be counterproductive. She felt they would provide more of a setback for K-Oz and would serve no purpose other than to confirm something we already believed to be true.

Reading Heather’s article reminded me why it’s nice to have friends who can understand – whether they are in real life or online. Only a parent who is living day in and day out with a special needs child can truly understand what it’s like.