OCD rears its ugly head

K-Oz has OCD comorbid with his Tourette’s. We have always thought his Tourette’s (TS) would be the biggest issue we would deal with. We didn’t realize that his OCD would have phases that would control and orchestrate our lives.

Right now, K-Oz is in a very difficult OCD phase. He is having some sort of an obsession with flying bugs. If he sees or thinks he sees a flying bug – a fly, a moth, a mosquito – he has a meltdown. He goes through a slapping spasm in which he tries to destroy every real and imagined bug. He has even taken to grabbing shoes and swinging them at the bugs, throwing shoes and screaming loudly at the bugs.

While he’s always disliked flying bugs, his aversion has been ramped up into overdrive for the past couple of weeks. So much that K-Oz almost can’t function normally when he gets into a “spasm” over the bugs. At bedtime, he has been having trouble falling asleep if he thinks there might be a moth or mosquito flitting around his bedroom.

His next appointment with the pediatric neurologist was scheduled for mid-August, but he actually asked if we could make an earlier appointment. He realizes this bug thing is affecting his life and his everyday activities. Thankfully, I have been able to move his appointment up to mid-July – a month earlier but still about three weeks away.

I am hoping things settle down soon, without the need for more medication.