An upcoming appointment

Next week we have an appointment scheduled to take K-Oz to the neurologist in St. Louis. We are anxious for the appointment for a number of reasons. K-Oz’s behavior seems to be getting more out of sorts and we are hoping the doctor can give us some insight.

While his OCD seems to have settled down a bit more, he is becoming more aggressive. His temper has developed a hair trigger that causes quite a stir in our house. He gets angry at one of his sisters and explodes with the intentions of grabbing them or hitting them with something.

This is so out of character for my lovable little guy (who is not so little anymore). He is normally easygoing – although he doesn’t do well with changes and unexpected surprises. He has even become argumentative with Mom and Dad. A simple direction for him to take a shower or change his clothes brings an outburst of anger that is coupled with him loudly screaming “Geez Mom! I’m going!”

I try to tell myself that part of this could be pre-puberty – he will be 12 next week – and I know how much those hormones can turn people into unrecognizable lumps of emotion. So we’ll see what the doctor has to say and hope that K-Oz settles down a bit.

While we are in St. Louis we’re going to make a trip to the St. Louis Zoo. The kids have never been there and the doctor’s appointment is at 3 p.m. – so we’ll go up early enough to spend a few hours enjoying the zoo. Here’s a great article written by a friend about the zoo. She and her family went there a few weeks ago and we’re excited to check it out ourselves (although the husband and I have been there, it’s been about 14 years since we visited).