Seeing the new doctor

Tomorrow (July 20) is when we meet the new pediatric neurologist. K-Oz told my husband tonight that he’d really like to have an answer – or at least a better understanding of the issues he is dealing with.

He was specifically referring to his freak out switch that gets tripped every time he encounters a flying bug – a fly, a moth or anything else that zips and buzzes around.

My husband said K-Oz really doesn’t want to take any new medications to control his OCD but he would like to better understand what is going on. We are hopeful that new medications won’t be necessary, but I myself am not convinced.

I’m not a big fan of medications for his issues, but in truth – some of his OCD issues really make life difficult and make it hard for him to function. He doesn’t see it that way, but as his mother – I watch his struggles and see how hard it can be for him. I also know how hard it is for those of us around him.

So, we’ll see what happens. We’re going to enjy some family fun at the zoo beforehand, but I’m hopeful that we will leave the doctor’s office with some new information that can help K-Oz.