Finding support and light at the end of the tunnel

The hardest thing I have found as the parent of a child with special needs – is the feeling of being alone – of thinking people don’t understand.
Having a child with special needs can make you feel isolated, overwhelmed and exhausted. Sometimes you get so focused on the special need that you forget to notice the child – or even your other children. I find that sometimes I pay more attention to the things K-Oz does than K-Oz himself. I find also that sometimes I feel like my other children aren’t getting the attention they need and deserve because I’m focusing so much on what K-Oz needs.
And I always feel guilty about that.
Sharing my feelings of isolation, frustration, guilt and inadequacy helps me tremendously and I hope it helps other parents who are in the same boat.
The other day I got some wonderful encouragement from my cousin Beth. After reading one of my blog posts, she sent me a message. She told me about a friend of her son’s who has ADHD. She shared about watching him grow up, seeing his obsessions and compulsions and behavior issues. Now this young man is in his 20s and Beth said he is doing exceptionally well and living a good life.
That was exactly the encouragement I needed on that day. To know that there is hope that my son will someday live his own life and won’t need me to hold his hand. I don’t know if that will actually happen – K-Oz may always need help and supervision – but it helped me to know that there are other parents who have walked before me and survived.
That is why I must take this journey one step at a time – not focusing on what is down the road a ways off, but knowing in my heart that whatever does wait for me will continue to wait. And it will be okay – no matter what.