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Focusing with ADHD?

My son has ADHD – actually more ADD. He’s not very hyper, but he does lose focus easily.

Unfortunately, he gets it from me. When I was a kid, kids were only known as hyper. Everybody knew who the hyper kids were and I wasn’t one of them.

At that time, there wasn’t the common name for hyperactivity that we hear now – ADHD or ADD.  For me, I have always been easily-distracted, a daydreamer and fidgety. I can’t just sit still.

My son is also easily-distracted. He forgets what he’s been told to do and goes off to do something else.  He is much like me in that large tasks are overwhelming.

Since we homeschool, I can see this firsthand how he struggles and I understand it.  Math worksheets are as daunting to him as they were for me in school.

The worst for me was the timed math tests – the ones that contained 100 math problems and you were supposed to complete as many problems as possible in the allotted time.

I’m working on strategies and creative ideas for helping K-Oz focus on tasks at hand so he can function better (and trying to help myself as well!).

So what’s worked for you? How do you help your distractable child focus?