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Taking a special needs child to an amusement park?

What? Am I crazy?

The issue with my son is this: He is easily overstimulated by fast, colorful movements and things that can overwhelm the senses.

Ahhhh, there’s the catch: An amusement park is exactly that – a smorgasbord of sensory overload!

Last week the family went to an amusement park slash water park that is about two hours away from us. We had the chance to go for two days and it was a nice getaway.

The thing is, we had to be very conscious of K-Oz’s issues. He is easily overwhelmed. We stayed in a hotel and our regular routine – full of familiarity – was totally disrupted. He slept in a strange bed (we all did!), ate on a strange schedule and we did things completely out of the ordinary for us.

Now we are back home and K-Oz actually did quite well. He’s been somewhat cranky and out of sorts, but that seems to be a common thing with him right now – amusement park or not.