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We had a bit of a jolt about two a.m. this morning.

Something woke Dear Hubby and I  – we weren’t sure what – then we heard our son, K-Oz yelling from his bedroom.

We both jumped up, went running, threw on his light and discovered that he had tumbled head-first out of his loft bed.

A good friend was scheduled for surgery on her hand early this morning and her two kids spent the night with us last night.

K-Oz’s guest Chuck was sleeping on a mat on the floor. Normally, K-Oz sleeps with some type of light on in his room. It’s part of his routine, makes him feel more secure and makes Mom and Dad feel better about him climbing up and down his ladder in the middle of the night. I’m guessing that Chuck didn’t like the light, maybe, so K-Oz turned it off. Which meant that his room was really dark – making it hard for him to come down his ladder.

What he thinks happened was that he was dreaming – or sleepwalking (which he has done several times). He said he remembered dreaming that he was leaning over into our big freezer to get something out of it, then he woke up on the floor.

So I’m guessing that he was acting out his dream and simply leaned over the side of his bed and tumbled out. Landed on his head.

He is now sporting a great big goose egg that is purple and blue on his forehead. And Mom and Dad barely recovered from their near-heart attacks.

So, anyone else deal with sleepwalking or acting out dreams? This isn’t a first for K-Oz. We’ve had alarms on the front door because once he was sleep walking and went out the front door onto the porch.