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Who knew a haircut could be a big deal?

Haircuts for K-Oz have always been a “big deal.” Always. From the time he was little and began to need haircuts, it was an issue we had to deal with.

When he was very young, before I was aware of sensory issues, I didn’t understand why having his hair cut was a traumatic experience. K-Oz would scream and fight whenever we tried to cut his hair. This happened every time. I became adept at giving haircuts to a sleeping child – it was the only way to actually get the job done without it becoming an emotional meltdown.

He still hates having his hair cut. The mere mention of a hair cut is enough to make him stew and simmer about the whole thing. He would obsess over the idea of getting his hair cut. He would think of a million reasons why it shouldn’t be done. He would argue.

In short – haircuts are one big headache around our house.

So it was with great trepidation that hubby and I mentioned today that K-Oz needed his hair cut. Surprisingly, he didn’t say much. He voiced disapproval – but not much. When hubby said it was time for the haircut (sometimes K-Oz goes with my Dad to the barber and sometimes my husband clipper cuts his hair), K-Oz went into the bathroom without much fanfare.

Within a few minutes, the hair was shorn and there was no drama. No screaming, no tears, no arguing. It was quite peaceful.

So now, my son has a shiny new hair that makes him look even more like a miniature version of my husband. And he didn’t throw a tantrum. This is a small blessing – and I take them where I can get them.