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Is it OCD or tics?

I took my three kids to the movies yesterday. During the flick, I noticed K-Oz doing a repetitive motion with his arm.

I saw him doing it again this evening.

I can’t figure out if this is a new tic with his Tourette’s or if it’s a part of his OCD. As I blogged earlier this week, his OCD is really escalating. Right now he’s getting into this loop of repetitive motions that he seems compelled to do before doing other things.

Tonight when he was supposed to be brushing his teeth in the bathroom I believe he got caught up in an OCD loop. He had been in the bathroom for some time when he was supposed to have been simply brushing his teeth. I went to check on him and he kept saying he couldn’t get the toothpaste to come out. I think he had gotten caught up in a cycle of obsession/compulsion with the toothpaste and couldn’t force himself to put the toothpaste on the toothbrush then actually brush his teeth.

It seems as though his mood has been more aggressive – or argumentative might be the better word – lately. He gets angry with his sisters quickly and has more difficulty controlling his impulses. He will suddenly slap, pinch or throw something at one of his sisters when he starts to get angry. He will also yell loudly and raise his voice while speaking.

We’re watching these developments closely. Considering he is almost 12, we realize that the onset of puberty could affect some of his behaviors.

So, we’ll see what happens. At least he’s sleeping better. . .


This past week K-Oz’s Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) has been acting up.

He’s had moments where he’s not been able to do what he’s told because he’s stuck in a loop of opening and closing his bedroom door. Or he has to shuffle his feet several times on the floor before he can do anything else.

Most of the time his OCD is minor and easily-managed. This past week though. . . not so.

His behavior has notched up on the obnoxious scale a bit while at the same time he keeps getting stuck in these OCD loops.

It’s frustrating for all of us, but I remind him often that he has to talk to Mom and Dad and tell us what’s going on. We need to know when he’s feeling obsessions, compulsions and tics that he can’t control.