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Working through guilt

My last post “When a parent feels guilt” brought a lot of response from friends – both real life friends and cyber friends.

When I wrote that blog I had no idea so many others would identify with what I was feeling and would offer encouragement to me. I posted the link to the blog on my Facebook page and several friends read it and commented on my page there. A few came here to comment, and one even sent me a private message through Facebook.

What I realize is how very blessed I am. Not only do I have a wonderful husband and three amazing kids, but I have friends who are willing to take the time to care.

While being a special needs parent has its ups and downs and in truth – my son’s needs may not seem to special to many others – but they affect our lives and orchestrate much of what we do and how we do it. Even if my son did not have special needs, I realize that I would feel guilt over him – over all of my kids. Isn’t that part of being a parent? We feel responsible for what our children do – the choices they make?

I’m sure the guilt will never completely go away – but to know that others have dealt with the same issues themselves makes me feel less alone. To know that I have friends who understand the pain I sometimes feel and are willing to offer cyber hugs – I can’t even describe how that feels.

I think I already said it best – I feel so blessed.