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I’m back – finally!

I’ve been lax in my posting during the past month – between having a fun family bout with the stomach flu and the Christmas rush I wasn’t writing as much as I’d planned.

Well now I’m back!

Sorry if you’ve missed me – and if you have, thank you very much!

2009 looks to be an interesting year for us. We are currently in process of getting a new pediatric neurologist for K-Oz. It’s been very difficult to find one since we live in a rural area. The closets one was four hours away and that’s who we’ve always seen.

To be honest, we didn’t like him at all. We’d drive four hours to see him and he’d spend maybe 5-10 minutes with us, wouldn’t really answer our questions (for pretty much every question we asked his answer was usually “That could be,” or “it’s hard to say for sure,” – both of which we found completely unacceptible!).

In addition, this doctor – who was recommended by everyone in our area and was touted as being THE expert – never offered any kind of support or anything. We were completely clueless about how to deal with this, how to help our son. Everything we learned was by our own personal research.

I would have thought this doc could have said “Oh here’s an online support group, or here’s an information sheet that lists organizations to help you, or here’s a list of books and resources, etc.” But no, we would see him for 5-10 minutes and he’d say “here’s the prescription, come back in a year.”

Soooo, I talked to our famiy doctor who wrote a prescription for K-Oz’s meds when he ran out then she started searching for a new doctor who had an office closer to us.

Now, we finally have an appointment with a doctor in St. Louis – two hours away – in March.

So I’m hopeful that this doctor will be the one we need.